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April 19 - 09:00 am


April 20 - 04:00 pm

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Thrive Ed


Metro Location TBD

TBD, TBD, MN 55402

TBD, MN, US, 55402

Learn methods for co-designing curricula, policies & solving issues in partnership with students to cultivate agency & develop competencies.

Two Days: Wednesday, April 19 (9 am – 4 pm) and Thursday, April 20 (9 am – 4 pm)

Educators, alongside students, learn practical methods for co-designing curricula, policies and solving issues with students. When students are given voice and choice in what they learn, how they learn it, and how they show what they’ve learned, they become more engaged and invested in their learning. By shifting educators’ roles from teacher to mentor, guide, coach, and partner, we give our students more power and agency in the classroom, which in turn leads to deeper and more enriching learning experiences.

Objectives: Educators and students will…

  • cultivate a co-design mindset that fosters deep and meaningful partnerships with educators, students, and caregivers.
  • understand the importance of the shared power of a community where all voices and perspectives are intentionally valued in inclusive and equitable ways.
  • be empowered to take risks to facilitate co-designed learning experiences by exploring co-design processes and tools.

All students and educators are welcome. Invite your own students and educators to come along — 20% discount for teams of 4 or more! Educators, we would strongly encourage you to bring students with you.

Lunch will be provided.

COVID-19 Information: Mask wearing is optional. Stay home if you are sick, experiencing symptoms of COVID, or have had close contact with a positive case of COVID in the last 14 days.