On A Mission To Reinvent School

Why now?

Students aren’t learning the skills needed to succeed in a global, dynamic society.

Minnesota has some of the worst achievement disparities in the nation.

 The current factory model of education perpetuates systemic inequality. 

Why Thrive Ed?

Our strength-based process engages students in the co-design of relevant learning experiences.

We help educators learn how to provide meaningful feedback and ample, intentional mentoring.

Students and educators have time to process and apply what they learn.

Who benefits?

Students learn how to learn and are better prepared for  life in the 21st century.

Educators thrive in a culture where they can rediscover the joy of teaching.

We all benefit from a workforce that can meet any challenge.

How Will
We Do This?

Lab School

Preparing Minnesota students for
success – and providing a national
model for education on a mission
to reinvent school.


Helping educators learn how to
partner with students to co-create
more relevant educational experience.

Change the

We need to stop talking about
how to fix the current education
system and start developing
solutions that work for all.