Reinventing Education

Our vision

 We believe that if we harness the power, imagination and insights of students, educators and the community, we can reinvent an education system that’s equitable, inclusive, powerful and engaging for every learner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fundamentally transform education by powering students, teachers, leadership teams- individually and collectively- to innovate and thrive.

Our next steps

We are currently raising funds for two additional summer sessions — which will take place as we prepare to open our first Collaborative Lab School.

Our Core Values

Our values describe our shared commitment to what we will prioritize when we are at our best:

Student voice

We commit to authorizing and powering the voice of students. We commit to seeking their ideas, thoughts, and reflections as partners in transforming education.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We commit to fully engaging in issues of equity to create places where all folks feel connected and heard. We commit to facilitate and confront issues of power and privilege in educational settings.

Educator empowerment

We commit to elevating the profession of teaching through creating incredible experiences that position the teaching profession in highest esteem. We commit to recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent. We commit to creating a space where educators of color thrive.


We commit to recognizing, celebrating, and building on the strengths of all individuals that come to our space so that they may deeply engage and grow.


We commit to setting ambitious goals that are rooted in the belief that ALL students can succeed. We commit to making that vision a reality by working through adversity, discomfort, and inevitable setbacks in order to make meaningful progress.


We commit to intentionally creating the conditions where hope and optimism can thrive.