Thrive Ed,

I wanted to let you know that we are still riding a high from our time with all of you last week. By accident, I keep referring to the “training” with you all as “a retreat” because that is really what it felt like. We can’t wait to only let the Restorative Practice concepts shared in our short time with you grow. And yes, we are absolutely excited about the prospect of a part two to the class. Keep us informed.

Yesterday, all 7 of our participants led a tier 1 circle with the rest of our Changemaker Kids (about 40). I was nearly brought to tears because we did very minimal prep work with them (ummm, none after they/we met with Elliot the second day). And they were amazing!!!! It was so beautiful watching them lead together.

We have also talked to our principal and demanded that she attend with you as well (which she would love to) because it is just too great and we need our school to “become” and not just try to “do” RJ. I have also talked to the Deans at the other elementary buildings. And I think you, Nicole, are friends with Jody De St Hubert? I am wondering if we can work with Jody to have you do the two day retreat here in Edina with all of the Deans and have them bring some students along? Additionally, Shannon and I talked briefly about how our school (Highlands) would love to have you come to US!

I am going to send out a recap to parents of kids who attended with us last week and include an invite for them to donate since you rely on donations. Is this the best site to give them?

Thanks again, and I might just write you all semi-often to keep these lines of communication with you open and strong. Thank you all!

Shaun P.