Nicole Dimich

Nicole Dimich is an educator, author, innovator, and expert facilitator who has worked with elementary and secondary educators, administrators, and school districts. Through presentations, training and consultations, she helps power student voice and build on educator strengths to create spaces where all feel possible and empowered. 

Dimich’s experience as an educator has been varied. As a teacher (Eden Prairie and Byron, MN), she was committed to seeing the possibility in all students. As a program evaluator (Princeton, New Jersey), she learned the power of data both to understand impact and to tell stories of implementation that promoted transformation. As a “transformation” specialist (Minneapolis), she worked in an urban setting to help implement small learning communities, which included co-designing assessments, facilitating student work conversations, facilitating student focus groups and conducting student surveys to deeply understand the impact of the work on the student experience.  She worked on data projects (Osseo and Minneapolis, MN) to create more systematic data systems that could effectively and efficiently provide more targeted information to teachers and schools alike.  

As an Assessment Architect for Solution Tree’s Assessment Center, Nicole is a global leader in assessment. She is the author of seven books. Nicole trains and facilitates work on classroom assessment (United States, Canada and beyond) practices through Solution Tree and is an Assessment Architect at the Assessment Center with colleagues Cassandra Erkens and Tom Schimmer. We strive to provide guidance and empower educators to put Assessment at the Center in ways that promote hope, efficacy and achievement. More information and resources can be found on the All Things Assessment website.