Thrive Ed is committed to providing meaningful partnership opportunities that transform education. With a commitment to amplifying student voice, launching from strengths, and creating meaningful learning environments, we are cultivating international partnerships to provide an incredible opportunity for educators and our student interns.


JET (Jamaican Exchange in Teaching) is a fully funded program that provides an opportunity for elementary school teachers to have a deep, transformative experience in a global context for a week-long immersion in a Jamaican Primary School. This is an opportunity for four elementary school teachers to spend their spring break of 2022 in Jamaica to deepen their own teaching and learning practices and bring back that knowledge to their own classroom. 


The Jamaican school, teachers, and students will also benefit by being in community with educators from the U.S. and learning valuable teaching strategies while Minnesota teachers visit their school. In turn, the Jamaican teachers will travel to the MN teachers’ school the following December for a reciprocal experience. 


This opportunity provides another pathway for teachers to grow in their practice and see the beauty and value of their career choice and ideally keep wonderful educators in the profession while drawing new teachers in as well as opportunities like this emerge. Our student interns will begin to help facilitate and design these trips and share in the rich learning that will come from collaboration with international partners.


Board members and educators, Amy Pucel and Keitha-Gail Martin-Kerr, lead this program. For more information, please email info@thrive-ed.org.