Four Reasons For Reinventing School


Our current, one-size-fits-all factory model of education hasn’t worked and has never been effective for all students.

Thrive Ed prepares students for success in life — by engaging them as co creators of meaningful educational experiences for themselves and others.


With the current model (that has inequitable, Industrial-Era practices ), students aren’t given opportunities to master skills and competencies they’ll need in a rapidly changing world.

By combining individualized pathways and competency-based learning with strength-based, actionable feedback, students lead their own learning through interests and curiosity. They learn how to apply those skills to problems and situations that are reflective of the world around them.


Minnesota has one of the worst opportunity gaps in the country.

Based on extensive research, implementation of proven practices, and a relentless commitment to social justice, our reinvented model of school is designed to be equitable, inclusive, powerful, and engaging for every learner.


An alarming percentage of new teachers leave the profession in the first five years.

Our flexible use of time and space gives teachers large amounts of dedicated time each week to design, reflect, collaborate and provide feedback to facilitate student excellence and foster the joy of teaching.