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The easiest way to support the work of Thrive Ed students and educators is through our PayPal link. Your contribution helps us fund Student Intern research and publications, the development of our Design2Thrive Studios, and the formation of our Collaborative Lab School.

Thrive Ed Funding

Your support for Thrive Ed helps to supplement foundation and corporate funding for Thrive Ed projects, including the launch of our Collaborative Lab School, Student Internships, and the Design 2 Thrive Studios. Learn more about how your contributions can help below!

Design2Thrive Workshops

Design2Thrive workshops provide space and expert facilitation for teachers, instructional coaches, administrators and students who are ready to innovate in cutting edge ways. We’re here to help you close the knowing-doing gap by reinventing the school experience for yourselves and students.


Food & Materials for a Student Participant


Food & Materials for a School Team of Participants


Sponsor a College Student Participant (typically a student enrolled in a Teacher Prep Program)

Future Student Internships

Our students are excited to pursue ways to get their voices out there– help us continue to raise up student voice by funding a Thrive Ed podcast and more!


Sponsor a Student Intern for the Summer


Sponsor an Engagement Guide (educator) for a month

Collaborative Lab School

One Thrive Ed Student Intern, Antonio, captured a fundamental belief that we share within our organization: “School should be a place where students design their future.” Help us make this vision of school into reality!


Supply a student with technology and materials for learning during the school-year


Supplement how a teacher’s time is funded to help transform the workday to include mentorship and co-design opportunities