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A Pathway to

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practice fosters school communities where students and staff find belonging and understanding. Traditional zero tolerance policies not only rob students of precious learning time, but also rob them of a sense of belonging and the need to feel wanted, heard, and valued. In this workshop, you and your students will learn about the indigenous roots, historical backgrounds, and philosophies of Restorative Practice. We will examine how Restorative Practice is being implemented in schools and communities across the country as well as participate in the foundational Restorative Practice of youth-led community circles and learn practical skills for how to begin or strengthen Restorative Practices in your classroom and school.

Power of Learning

Co-Design as a Team

As we continue to better prepare students for life in the 21st century, we must continue to find ways to elevate student voice and choice in the classroom. In this workshop, you and your students will learn practical methods and approaches to co-designing curriculum with your students. When students are given voice and choice in what they learn, how they learn it, and how they show you what they've learned, they become more engaged and invested in their learning. By shifting your role from teacher to mentor, guide, coach, and partner, you give your students more power and agency in the classroom, which in turn leads to deeper and more enriching learning experiences.

What to expect

You’ll work as a team to design, implement, and test a single unit of study. While also looking through assessment, instruction, intervention, policy, or practice.

How it's different

Student voice and the student experience are central to the Design2Thrive process and our core values.

How you know it works

Each design studio session gives your team time to learn criteria and to check the impact of your work.

Closing the Knowing and Doing Gap

There is clear evidence regarding what works in school — yet the implementation of research-based best practices has often been overly complex. Student voices have been largely ignored. We believe student voice is a powerful lever to meaningfully transform practices, policies, units of study and assessments to dramatically impact learning.

Design2Thrive workshops provide space and expert facilitation for teachers, instructional coaches, administrators and students who are ready to innovate in cutting edge ways. We're here to help you close the knowing-doing gap by reinventing the school experience for yourselves and students.