We are preparing to open an entirely new school that promotes mentor-ship, personalization, competencies, feedback, internships, co-creation, Restorative Justice, and authentic learning. This school will become a learning lab for other schools and collaborative teams.

Thrive Ed has secured a partnership with a full commitment to implementing the Collaborative Lab School with the Hopkins School District. Efforts are underway to plan the pilot cohort in the near future!

Hopkins Public Schools


Weekly mentorship

Students will meet weekly with educator mentors, creating a foundation for students to identify interests and passions. We will monitor progress on competencies, co-create personalized learning experiences, and receive ongoing strength-based feedback.

Grades 9 – 12

Weekly internships

Students in grades 9-12 will have an internship each semester. Similar to the service learning model, students will make progress on competencies through reflection, specific tasks, and a symposium sharing their insights.

Grades 7 – 8

Weekly service learning

Students in grades 7-8 will engage in service learning projects led and facilitated by school staff. Students will make progress on competencies through weekly reflections and a culminating symposium in which they will share their insights.

Authentic and relevant learning experiences

 Students will engage in authentic learning experiences while also co-designing with teacher teams that address local and global issues. We will provide opportunities to problem-solve and contribute solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Students will also partner with businesses and community organizations to ensure that their learning experiences will guide them to develop skills that lead to success in the future.


Each student will be led through a progression establish learning expectations that ensure students will be prepared for the future and a world that is ever-changing and evolving.

January-term projects

Students and teacher teams will co-design 3 week intense experiences. Projects may be onsite or local, national or world travel. Students will make progress on competencies through these in-depth projects.