Change The narrative

Despite a fifteen-year, nationwide push to provide every student with an equal education, Minnesota schools have grown more segregated and we have failed to close the opportunity gap.

We contribute the following content, innovations, ideas and reflections from our co-design studio and our collaborative lab school in an effort to change the narrative about what is possible for students and teachers in Minnesota and beyond.

Student Voices

In the summer of 2019, 21 middle and high-school students were interned a summer session which  modeled our reinventing school system.

In 2020 to 2021, 13 student interns were hired to develop co-design and restorative justice workshops for educators and students

Featured Case Study

How dramatically different assessment techniques created dramatic improvements in teacher morale, student behavior and academic achievement at an elementary school in middle Georgia.


4 Reasons For Reinventing School

The need for a just, equitable system of education has never been greater.




Our goal is to provide resources that generate conversation about critical issues in education that lead to transformations in how school is experienced and imagined. Visit this page to find content generated by students, families and educators as well as see some of the latest resources in educational transformation.

Pertinent Publications

White papers, resources, and books from leading educational researchers and consultants.


Simply Deep: Designing Authentic Assessments that are Meaningful and Relevant.

Industry News

Essential Assessment: Six Tenets for Bringing Hope, Efficacy, and Achievement to the Classroom.

Education Week,
March 2020